White House” is getting ready to substitute millions of US administration members of staff with robots, if the remarks of a higher-ranking technology official are to be believed. Penning down on “White House” blog, Ed Felten, who is the deputy US head technology official, states that the management is working with diverse agencies for integrating artificial intelligence methods into its functions.

Ed Felten’s heading

His heading for the writing takes the outlook that the administration is “getting ready for the times ahead”, and discusses the “great openings… crosswise the federal management in confidentiality, safety measures, directive, law, and exploration and expansion” in making AI a part of the administration. The US administration currently utilizes just about 22 million human beings.

What Ed Felten says about this likely move?

Felten pens down that the administration is working for leveraging AI for the wellbeing of the public and en route for a more successful government. He went on to say that they are hopeful that they will be successful in engaging with the community by the use of AI. The administration is going to work for increasing the employment of AI as well as machine literacy for improving the delivery of management service. He also states that there’s great prospect in AI-driven step up to programs as well as deliverance of services that aid in making for an improved everyday existence for all the US people who are in spheres associated with metropolitan arrangements and chic cities, psychological and bodily wellbeing, communal welfare, criminal righteousness, the atmosphere, and a great deal more.

Amelia, the UK robot

In the meantime, in Greta Britain, a home government bureau has already made use of a robot for substituting a member of staff. Amelia, that has been Developed by IPSoft, is explained to be a “cognitive representative”, or “digital member of staff”, which essentially implies that she’s nothing other than a virtual humanoid machine who has been made artificially smart by being hooked up with cloud computing structures.

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