Automation has helped human beings a lot. There are different types of automation which are being used in different applications worldwide.

Automation has come up with the word “automatic”. In automation, things are done automatically by providing basic inputs to it. Best example of automation can be thought of a calculator. In this machine, people just need to input digits and the operation they want to do with it, the result is given as an output automatically.

Type of automation

There are different types of automation seen in different fields. Some of them are:

  • Discrete control automation:

The basic way of automation is to switch on and off any device. One of the best example of this automation is thermostat.

  • Feedback control automation

In this, a machine continuously monitors a system variable by comparing woth other variable and taking the difference among them to produce a result. The best example of this automation is the radar sensor used in aircrafts.

  • Computer control automation

A computer control automation uses both sequential and feedback control to produce an output. These systems are used an a stand alone application performing various tasks. One of the best example of it is ATM machines.

Application of automation

There are lots of areas where automation is largely used. The best usage is in telecommunication. Another areas of automation are computing systems, utilities, medical purposes, rails and many more. Talking about computing system the best example is ATM machine. Moving to medical purposes, there are lots od machine invented which help in providing different test report of any patient very quickly.

Working mechanism

Automation is used in a different way. Machines are being built with the help of a particular technology. Then these machine are provided with memory where different programs are written which help these machines to work automatically depending upon the inputs provided to it. An automated machine is designed to work on a specific field.


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