The article shows the essential types of sections, which help in preventing many threats. These threats may harm your credentials, and with these, you can prevent them. On the other hand, the company employees will get relief from these, hectic processes. The benefits of the technology are good relations between all the ends of customers, workers, and agents.

In BPO or Business Processing Outsourcing, the automate components are known as agent-assisted automation. That is a kind of call center technology; these are the situations where a pre-recorded audio or with the use of desktop tools for the customers. That happens, when a client calls to the client’s care and in reply gets an audio generated response.

Desktop integration and pre-recorded audio

The pre-recorded audio is a form of soundboard technology. This when in use, increases the probability of delivering the right information at the right time to the customer. There are many processes, which assure to deliver the messages without go in wrong directions.

The desktop integration is the process of relieving a customer from frustrating, time-consuming phone calls. That is because; the integration of tools will increase the productivity of the tasks. These can be a part of industrial automation, which increases the productivity.

Fraud prevention with outbound processes

The use of automation technology will increase the focus on reducing cyber theft. There are many solutions to prevent these and with the outbound operations, but agent-assisted solution prevents the fake calls.

Profits of using agent-assisted technique

Profits of using agent-assisted technique

  • These reduce the stress on the works and promote them to work more with less effort.
  • The quality and safety of both the customer and workers have improved by these tools.
  • This even deals with the most complex problems between the agent and call centers.
  • The error-proofing process present in this semi-industrial automation helps as pre-alarm of threats.
  • Some customer has an application, which acts as a home automation system, which helps in preventing the credit card frauds.


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