The automation is of three main types and all the other systems mainly based on these three. The system with a high rate of production are fixed and once placed and cannot be moved. The programmable are the one with reliable systems with fixed platforms with software changes. The flexible ones are interchangeable and malleable in nature.

Automation is the method of production with the help of computer-aided and machine-aided elements. There are various types of automatic control machinery to perform the tasks that assigned to that equipment.

The machinery is built to do their tasks with several forms and their uses. The three types of automatic control types of machinery are fixed, programmable and flexible forms; all these are dominant industrial automation.

Fixed Systems

The system refers to that distinctive equipment, which is stationed in a permanent position to do its work. These are used in big production houses to fulfill the need of industrial automation.

The pros of this system are the low cost of production, with a high rate of production. Whereas the cons are with the huge price tag to install and changes can’t be done to the system.

Programmable Systems

These are the systems with a capability to change the sequence of the operations. The system is compatible with new program changes with old ones. These can be put in for home automation systems as well the industrial counterparts. The main advantages of these are suitable for a batch production options.

Flexible Systems

This system is the advanced version of the programmable ones in automation technology with the system is enhanced with hardware and software changeable options.

The benefits of this system are to get continuous productions with various processes. And able to change the design of the machinery with a different automate product.

The main drawbacks of this process are the high price tag for building it and with a lesser speed of production rate than its fixed counterpart.


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