Automation is possible through a number of systems. Microcontroller can be a good choice for automation in small-scale industries. It is easy to set up, cost effective, and has a number of other good sides. The bright sides of microcontroller based automation are given below.

Different factories have different requirements. If you are having a big factory, the requirements will vary a lot, compared to that of a small scale or medium sized factory. The same goes for automation requirements of a factory. Keeping all the factors in mind, about investment, space availability, it is not possible to install big machines to automate a small-scale factory. The best automation technology, which can be used in small scale industries are the microcontroller based systems as they have a number of advantages of microcontroller based systems in small scale industries, than other systems like PLCs and huge and distributed control systems.

Cost effective and economical

The microcontroller-based systems are best suited for small-scale industries, as the investment requirements for microcontroller-based systems are quite less compared to others. It does not require additional resources like computer systems and servers. The devices require programming once, and they can be used forever. If your requirements change suddenly, you can even change the way, the microcontroller should work, without any extra investment. A microcontroller engineer can easily change the program in the controller to meet your other requirements.

microcontroller engineer

Easy to set up

Another big advantage of microcontroller-based systems is that, it is very easy to set up, once the programming for the chip or controller is already done. Microcontroller is a small piece of chip, which can be easily added to the controller board for the purpose of automation, once the programming is done. Using a microcontroller based system is as easy as that. Easy setup of the microcontroller-based systems is another great reason, why they are easy to maintain, in all kind of industries.


The precision of the system

As far as precision is concerned, the precision is good enough for small scale industries, but the precision cannot be equally good like that of PLCs and other automation technologies. On additional investment, the precision can be improved, but that is not a cost effective method to use them in automation. If you want better precision, it is always advisable that you switch to a different automation technology for better performance. The microcontroller-based systems are best suited for small manufacturing plants, sensor based controllers, displaying precise output for all the systems, etc.

microcontroller automation factory

Know the specifications

Whenever you choose a microcontroller for your factory or industry, it is advisable that you read the specifications of your microcontroller before getting it. Small changes in the name of the microcontroller can cause huge differences in behavior, performance and functionality. You should read the datasheet of the microcontroller properly to ensure, the microcontroller meet all your requirements for your automation plant. It might be quite common that you might not know how to read a datasheet or how to find the items you need. An automation or microcontroller engineer can be the best person, who can help you in the aspect.

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