This article is on an avant-garde automation progress being composed by a corporation that focuses on oil & gas. However, this is an instance that really was conspicuous at the ONS event of 2016 for being pioneering not merely for the oil & gas manufacturing, but for manufacturing technology generally.

Eelume robot – What is it?

The item we are talking about is the Eelume robot and it’s a snake-like machine devised for scrutiny, preservation and revamp of submarine oil & gas operations. This is fundamentally a robot arm that is maneuverable and has onboard impetus such that it is able to swim by itself and do require being connected to a remotely run vehicle, which the usual subsea robot arms normally require.

What is the need for its development?

The factors that are propelling the development of this robot happens to be the high rates connected to submarine oil & gas scrutiny, preservation and revamp by the use of ROVs that are run by surface vessels. A couple of factors that happen to be pushing these costs up happen to be the aging of the present submarine  oil & gas operations that call for a high degree of preservation and revamp and the escalating deepness at which the latest submarine installations are frequently located. Eelume is of the opinion that submarine preservation costs have become three times since the year of 2005 owing to these couple of factors.

Who all are working on this project alongside Eelume

As a result of its autonomous capabilities, this robot stays at the submarine spot and is resorted to as required for scrutiny, preservation or revamps. The Key collaborators who are working in tandem with Eelume on the building of this robot consist of:

  • Statoil – it provides the submarine amenities for testing this robot on
  • Kongsberg Maritime – It has an experience of over a couple of decades in submarine robotic expertise and
  • NTNU

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