In the 21st century, the world has seen much development since Industrial Revolution, now the story seems different; with every new day a new technology is invented and implemented. The people are adapting automatic machines in their daily life, kick-starting a new relationship between human and machines.

Introduction to advance science

Science is playing fair since the inventions of machines to do human work and make it easier. A machine is man’s new hand with which he can do all sorts of work. Age-old technology of human-driven devices is being switched to computer driven machines. Science has come up with a new technology coined as automation.

About the technology

Before getting to the point what a machine has we need to know that. A machine when designeed four things are kept in mind Sequential control and logical sequence, Discrete control commands to turn it on and off, Feedback control (the major role) and Open and closed loop. What science did was updating these four major parts, and the result was automate machines, which can solve complex tasks in seconds.

The result of this technology

People now are so dependent on machines that without them life seem impossible. This is not their fault it all about how the society is updating itself and adapting to what is thrown towards it. In near future to stop some apocalypse maybe then, these machines and home automation systems can come up and stop that.

As time passes robots will be the man’s best friends, as they will be created so as to accompany humans to do their job peacefully and with many comforts. Now basically automation technology has many benefits because industrial automation is much efficient and requires less effort hence it is the best a man can hope!

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