South Carolina is one of the highest automotive manufacturing units with some of the highest branded cars that include cars like BMW< Bridgestone, Michelin and more. It is ranked 3 in the automotive industry.

South Carolina is leading home for automation

South Carolina is one of the leading locations for vision guided vehicles that is driven in part to North American fork truck free initiatives. It has more than 250 automotive companies in the state. South Carolina is known to encourage public-private partnerships that help to serve as a foundation for research and technology in well known brands. Brands like BMW and Michelin have also made deals to bring in technology and collaboration to the next level. Researchers are also driven by automobile industry needs by working with students, industry partners and multi-disciplinary faculty members to determine the automation technology.

South Carolina is leading home for automation

The Automotive innovation

South Carolina is known to average 15% lower energy rates and is thus attracting large number of automobile manufacturers as well as distribution centers. It has also made a number of deals by offering no state property tax, no inventory tax, no local income tax, and no wholesale tax. This is a great place for the automation industry. Did you know that nearly 1000 patents were issued to researchers last year in South Carolina?

Capitalizing on Big Data and IIoT

South Carolina has also been known to embrace Industrial Internet of Things and Big data manufacturers. It has entered South Carolina and data are being collected about when the machines are in use and how efficiently they are being used and worked on and how efficiently the plants are also working. Automobile executives have already identified the importance of South America as they have taken the lead in a number of ways.

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