Siemens would recently supply propulsion systems for two new battery ferries. These electric ferries which are operated by Fjord1 would be plying on  the E39 Anda-Lote route to the west coast of Norway.

What the industry would have

 Siemens would have a cargo capacity of around 120 cars, 12 trailers,  and 349 passengers.The operation would start from the January 2018.This is one of the best technologies that has been developed and manufactured by Siemens. In 2015 the company developed the system for ampere that is one of the worlds first electric ferry. Siemens would be installing a complete integrated electric power and automation solution that would include lithium-ion batteries as energy storage and thruster and remote control for the propellers, and an energy management system along with integrated alarm and monitoring system.The energy storing system is charged at each side of the crossing and would be monitored by Wi Fi communication.

 How do the ferries operate

Today the ferries operate with the help of diesel engines.They are known to run 20 minutes from 06:40 a.m. to 10 p.m. and with reduced frequency.This is the first route of ferry connection where the country’s road administration requires zero emission technology. Fjord1 has chosen two electric battery powered ferries that is based on zero emission and the second could be a low emission ferry. That would be good for the environment as well. Maritime Technical Director at Fjord1, Arild Austrheim concluded, saying that it would make sense to make most investments with the help of two ferries and thus they chose to go with the environment friendly option as well.

Development of technology

This technology has been based in Norway and is based on different solutions that are designed for offshore vessels. The technology has been tried and tested under several conditions as well.

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