Automation has great impact in the day to day life of human beings. It has just came as a revolution to this. But there are some pros and cons which must be considered.

Talking about automation, it has become a part and parcel of day to day life. In automation, works are being done automatically with the help of machines. More precisely, automation is a way of producing things or providing results for any particular work automatically by just providing information to the machine.

Advantages of automation

Looking into the pros of automation, they are numerous.

  • Reduction in production cost: working in industries with the help of automated things reduces the production cost a lot.
  • More reliable and better quality: human are bound to commit mistake but a machine cannot. Hence working with automation will provide better quality of work and will be more reliable.
  • More safety: with the help of automation people need not work with the things directly which can cause severe problems like working with nuclear particles or working with molten iron etc. In these cases, automation works with any safety issue to any people.
  • Space utilization: with the help of the automated machines, the space required for production is very less than that of people working directly on the same thing to produce the same thing.

Disadvantages of automation

Apart from the pros, there are some cons also visible in automation.

  • High investment: to use automation, people need to buy automated machines which come at very high price.
  • Breakdowns: machines are often bound to breakdowns. Once breakdown occurs, then production will stop.
  • Machines replacing labors: these machines require maximum of 5-10 people to operate. Hence for any production, only fewer number of people are required. Thus, it is taking away the jobs of the labors.


Hence there are some pros and cons of automation. People must consider these bvasic things before going for an automation.


Safety, breakdowns, production cost