The cyber-attack is related to the automation as the presence of malware in the cyberspace can cause fatal damage to the devices that are being used for home automation systems. This ‘Irongate’ condition can make you suffer by involving into the Program Logic Controller using the Man-In-the-middle technique.

The accidental damages to the web developing companies are a matter of worry as the malware can eat up the whole operating system. To prevent that the FLARE team took the initiative and had launched malicious code. The other companies are rushing to proceed with a way to keep ICS malware at a vast area for neglecting their effects.

Utility of the Bayshore Networks

To save the modern internet in automate, the Bayshore network is doing a fantastic job by guarding it against the BlackEnergy, Stuxnet. The technology has been improved a lot by holding the hand of such network. The Bayshore has created the barrier between the system and the malware through the firewall of it.

SCADA Firewall

Bayshore IT/ OT Gateway SCADA Firewall

The Bayshore SCADA has got the configuration of the low end of the Bayshore IC. This firewall consists of 7-layered guards with the SCADA based environment. When a critical cyber-attack has happened, the firewalls by themselves deliver the message. Then it defends the malware like automation technology interrupting viruses strongly.

There are a few differences in the effective technique of the  of this Bayshore Gateway as it gives the allowance to only one external user to read the diagnostics on the assembly line of PLC. At the same time, another external user can know the status of the robot.

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