At present, humans and robots, jointly manufacture 288 pizzas hourly at Zume Pizza. The company is hopeful of complete automation by the month of March of 2017. In a bid to alleviate the fears of its employees that robot automation will render them jobless the startup is offering complete benefits, tuition funding, and shares in its business. 

Robots and human beings work together in the kitchen of Zume Pizza

Robot mechanization is a swiftly mounting trend in numerous key manufacturing sectors that cover the gamut from construction to cars to garments. At present, a startup is stationing robots in a relatively new place, which is the kitchen. The name of this startup is Zume Pizza and it is based in Mountain View in California. The startup is permitting robots to craft their pizzas and cutting down in labor charges in this way. Specifically, Zume is making robots execute the jobs that human beings have a hard time executing usually.

More on the robots of Zume Pizza

Such robots are capable of spreading sauce consistently and also working the 426°C oven, which is a workplace peril for human beings. The company that just does deliveries has also put together a delivery van having a robot that is capable of cooking as many as 56 pizzas while the van in on the way to customers. This facility ensures that customers are delivered fresh pizzas. With the help of the robots, the startup has been successful in producing 288 pizzas hourly. Of course, human beings are still a part of the process. The delivery joint is hopeful of complete automation by the month of March of 2017.

Zume Pizza is unique among the restaurants stationing robots in the kitchen

However, this isn’t the only startup that has stationed robots in its kitchen. Many startups all over the world are doing this. In such places, robots are wedging noodles, putting sandwiches together, and even fashioning burgers. What makes Zuma different from many such restaurants is that is has created a technology-powered business replica that proficiently handles the job security apprehensions that robot automation raises.

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