The members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Motor and Generator Section and the European Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machineshas revealed a new direction for global motor efficiency standards.

What they devised

They have been evolving into a scope of multi component systems to achieve greater energy efficiency  and savings that has been realized with previous motor efficiency rules and regulations.They have promised to save energy in all kinds of practical applications and this would be recently presented at the Motor Summit 2016 in Zurich on October 11 and 12.People are very excited about this new venture.This includes all kinds of electrical products, speed controls, power drive systems, compressors, fans, and all other kinds of other auxiliary electronics that make up the system. Robert Boteler, of the Nidec Motor Corporation believes that this new venture would embrace a new systems approach to drive all power standards that would quantify the total energy savings in place of isolated components.

What are they working on?

NEMA-CEMEP is currently working on developing a brand new standard that makes the use of loss reduction versus competence when considering total system energy savings. The joint group is also establishing different kind of losses that generated at operation points and also determines the savings by using the power drive system. That would also help to optimize the energy savings. The company would also help to measure and diminish all kinds of power losses for all segments of the motor-driven market.

A completely new standard

This is a completely new venture that has been devised by the NEMA-CEMEP and it is apprehended that this would definitely raise the standards of the automobile industry in a great way.

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