Automation has provided a revolution to the present world. Almost every thing around a human being is surrounded by the result of some automation work. Automation professionals are very important aspects in the field of automation as they help to create automated machines.

In general term, automation refers to making of an instrument or an apparatus, using some technology, which will work automatically on a particular part to produce an output once input is given to it.

Things done with automation

There are lots of fields where automation has already been implemented and is working fine. Some of them are:

  • Manufacturing: there are lots of things that are being manufactured with the help of automation. Some of its use can be seen in chemical factories, food processing factories, paper factories, steel plants etc.
  • Utilities: in terms of utilities, its usage can be seen in the fields of wastewater, water treatment, electric power, gas and oil, telecommunication etc.
  • Transportation: in this part, automation is largely used. One of the best usage is in making different parts of aerospace and rail.
  • Defense: lots of equipment and weapon are being manufactured plus tested with the help of automation in this field.

How automation is implemented

Automation is implemented using any particular technology. On the basis of that technology a machine is made. Then a memory is provided to it. After that, a program is set to it which helps that automated machine to understand the environment and depending upon the inputs provided to it, it gives output. An automated machine is designed to deliver only one particular kind of work. This is the basic way by which an automation is implemented.

Automation professionals

Automation professionals are those individuals who deal with complex things and using a particular technology, tries to make an automated machine. These professionals are very important as they design those things which reduces workload to human kind and also provides great safety. Everything around a person is made up of things which are a result of automation. For example, cars, food, air conditioners, television, telecommunication and many more.


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