The word automation stands for automatic machines, yes these devices are so specially designed they can work on their own with full efficiency and coordination. They are integrated with a central gateway, which further runs them in an orderly manner. This system is known as a control system, which pre-programmed and can be further re-programed by some user interfaces like mobile software, computers and tablets.

Automation is the newest technology in the market, the principle behind this is a four-part control system that involves Discrete system, Open and closed loop system, Feedback control system and at last the system state control. Because of these four traits a machine responds itself.

There is another system of industrial automation, which influences the control system that is computer control, which performs both the tasks feedback control and sequential control. In industrial application typically a single computer can act as a gateway and monitor the whole production unit and every other thing.

Pursuing a career in it

As far as the subject it requires a Graduation degree on Automation where the engineers will provide the automation technology knowledge so that they can do expertise skills like create, design, manage systems and develops the too. This is a vast subject and has greater implementation presently in the market in sectors like home automation, industrial, process, building, software, advanced digital audio and much more.

The truth of home automation systems

The automated machinery like some home automated machinery, security system, ventilating system, robotic arms, etc. they are the best but economic conditions will go down as if machines start taking a man down unemployment will be faced. The devices are perfect, not ideal so they cannot think and can be sometimes unpredictable and are also prone to vulnerable security threats.

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