The FLIR systems recently announced that it has reached an ultimate asset purchase agreement where it has decided to acquire the business of Point Gray Research, Inc. This is a leading developer of machine vision cameras  that can be used in industrial, retail, advanced imaging applications, and other traffic, mapping applications. The deal has been done at $253 million in cash.

About Point Gray

Point Gray is one of the most important global leaders in the development of advanced visible imaging cameras and solutions that are used in the industrial automation systems as well as people counting systems, medical diagnostic equipment, military and defense products, advanced mapping systems and intelligent traffic systems.They are known to design, manufacture,  and distribute cameras and all associated softwares to customers all across the world  for improving quality and efficiency  as well as safety and analysis for various products and processes.

 What the company has announced

Point Gray would be augmenting FLIRs existing cores and components by adding various kinds of visible spectrums  and machine vision cameras and different solutions. The thermal sensor technology would also be able to remotely measure temperature and map factory obscurants such as smoke and steam and characterize the human activity in all kinds of retail settings. This business is sure to be FLIR’s Integrated Imaging Solutions line of business operating solutions

CEO of company speaks

Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR was excited on the new venture and he stated that he was happy to add to the wide range of innovative products from Point Gray and also create advanced sensing solutions for the broad electronic market.The transaction would be completed around the fourth quarter of 2016  and FLIR Expects that the business and related transaction costs will be approximately $0.01 to the 2016 revenue.FLIR is one of the most well known companies that are known for its advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems that are used for a variety of thermography, imaging, and security applications.

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