Presently people are being driven by technology; from home to factories each and everything is turning automate. Various control systems are being installed which further controls various operating equipment such as processes and machines in homes, industries, networks, airports, etc.

Globally the situation is people are so much dependent on machines that they need tools for everyday work. As with the help of these, any complex task can be solved in seconds.

The high-end technology

Automation has taken the world in its hand; it is a real hype now. As it is the next generation science which can control machines. Usually, automation is related to control system which further is of four types Discrete control(on/off), Feedback control, open and closed loop and system state control.

A machine is designed with this system which collectively called as a home automation systems. This system helps to drive the machine and do its work automatically. To be more specific it provides the device with the ability to thought control.

Automation is household

Smart homes or Home Automation System is just an extension of building automation, which involves automatic systems everywhere in the home such as automatic lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning. The appliance used here are tablets, phones, computers, various sensors, etc.

Technology in Industries

In an Industry, there are many sections, which work differently, and at a time it is not possible for humans to control each and every machine in a co-ordinate manner. So they need some factory automation infrastructure like automation technology, which is controlled by computers and in a very coordinated order. With are high-end devices like robotic arms, conveyors, etc. industrial automation has provided much of benefit to the factory owners as it has helped them in increasing the production.

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