The world is very much dependent on the machines these days, and people do not have any faith on the human labors because the efficiency of the human labours is very less. So nowadays as the technology advances the dependency on the machines is also increasing. As a result the amount of unemployed is increasing day by day.

What is automation? :

Automation or it is also known as automatic control is a way where you can control a huge amount of machinery from one place. In this process, one person can control a whole industry, as every little bit of information is present in front of you, maybe on the computer screen or on your mobile screen.

You can control the whole system from there, and you do not have to go anywhere, as the whole process is a wireless process. So there are several types of Home automation systems are present, and among those types, two types are very famous, and those are industrial automation and home automation.

Home Automation System

Home automation system:

Nowadays many people are trying to make their home automated, and if you want to make your home automate then you will get a huge amount of facilities, and those facilities are very advantageous. You can have the control of everything in your house from your wireless controller. From the security to the light you can access anything from anywhere, and as a result, you will never have any extra burden regarding your house.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation:

In the industries, human labors are losing their jobs and instead of human labours the automation process is going on in the industry. If you have automation technology your system, then the machine will do every work, and one or two people will control those machines. So for that reason, the industries are making a huge amount of profits.


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