This article is about the automation a tool, which are in used with all the systems are there in the world. There is the usefulness of the tools, with its variety of types or its varieties of tools for using purposes. The failures of the tools are also being collected for further studies to overcome it with new technology.

Computerization or automation is the major matter in this modern world to live. The world has emerged into the life with all the easy to use applications around you. This came into fact when the engineers have discovered to regulate the electronic devices with numerical control concepts. That is the emerging evidence of digital tools to control both industrial automation as well as the home automation systems.

The different types of automatic control systems

  • Instrumentation:

This is one of the types of an automatic control system to control the measuring substances.

  • Motion Control:

These are used in alarm systems to gain acknowledge of what happening around.

  • PLC or Programming Logical Controller:

This logical controller is reprogrammable to handle and can change in due time.

  • ANN or Artificial Neural Network:

The network used to estimate the functions that can depend on some inputs.

  • HMI or Human Machine Interface:

This is the tendency to controlling a mechanical interface with individual commands.

  • DCS or Distributed Control System:

This is the control system with extent system to flow the regulator.

  • SCADA or Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition:

This is the order to control remotely with signals more than a communication channel.

SCADA or Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition:


Although with an advanced automation technology, it lacks in many places with failure to complete a desirable task. The failure is overcome by evolving of the tools and by it evolved; the unable to automate takes place with greater catastrophe.


The automatic control tools lead to various systematic situations along with certain issues, which can be solved. The modes of software are described the many portions of the uncertainness tools in both the uses for home and industrial automation systems along others.


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