Smart homes or home automation is a part residential add-on of Building automation. It comprises of many new things, for example, the automatic ventilating system, air conditioning system, automatic lights, etc. Everything is coordinated by a computer driven system pre-programmed.

Present generation wouldn’t have thought that what they will see, did the stone age people thought of living in a home run by computers! No way, but it very cool as this is possible with the help of automation technology. This technique depends on upon a control system which is pre-programmed.

About Smart Home

Smart Homes are consist of a pre-programmed controlling system which intern is the central hub from where all other system is run like the sensors, automatic lights, ventilating system, security, etc. This system is called home automation systems or the gateway. Here there is a pre-programed user interface system is present that can interact with the help of some mobile phone software, wall mounted terminal, web interface or with some tablet computer.

smart homes automation

Application of this technology

There is some significant use of this automate systems if some appliances are integrated with it, then people can maintain the temperature of the house by HVAC, security systems, lighting conditions, leak or smoke detectors, etc.


As technology like industrial automation is still infant, yet more to develop some people can take the opportunity to misuse it like, WiFi network of home can easily be hacked. With time technology updates but it still inflexible, if somehow after a significant investment these systems are left untouched, then they turn into abandonware.

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