The presence of any flame due to gas leakage or any other incidents are not acceptable as it may put a working building in severe danger, the safety measures are taken. One of the greatest home automation systems is the flame detector technology, which is being used by most of the significant multistoried high rises in the cities.

Multispectrum IR flame detector Det-Tronics has taken the responsibility to avoid the dangers related to that. X3301/3302 the bright fruit of the automation technology is an infrared-based flame detector that lies under the category of type B security measurement smart devices.

The design of this Det-Tronics safety equipment

The standard model is equipped with four wires with an onboard alarm and error relay contacts. This gives an output of 0-20mA. When there is an indication of any fire or smoke it gives the output through the flame alarm or by the standard operating criteria. The industrial automation is truly blessed with the use of this type of safety products as it serves the humanity by saving lives.

Installation Process

Though the whole installation process of automate is described in detail in the manual of this det-tronics product, it is better to give an idea about it before you go through that handbook. After the installation, it generates the whole system. The operation of power distribution arrangement should be done carefully such that the terminal voltage must not be lowered below the 18 Vdc. The maximum current limit is not greater than 2 amperes.

In this way through this modern invention, a strong impression has been created in the development of the mankind.

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