Better branding for industries is necessary. It was the main aim of the IMTS in the present year. Now it brought to the employers and the universities together. It will be a big advantage and the different factors are mentioned here.


The biannual international manufacturing technology show that is IMTS was held in Chicago a few weeks ago, which was visited by a number of executives from a number of industries and the government. In the show it has been stated that US is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs at present. The reason behind such a fan huge at you meant by the US automation industry is the mentality of the people and also the cutting edge innovation for developing something new.


National network for manufacturing innovation which is also called NNMI is nothing but a collection of a number of public and private partnerships, which is there for improving the excellence in the field of manufacturing. It helps in bringing together a number of companies and universities, which is helpful in investment of the technologies which are coming up. At present the organization has 9 institutes across the US, and there will be additional institutes within 2017. The organization is set up in view of the fact that universities give a number of students who can be helpful in developing the automation scenario of the country.

Job driven trainings

It is the first time that the US is focusing mainly on training which is job driven. The programs which is sponsored by the government are helpful to find out, which are actually needed by the new employees. Working with educators and the trainers are helping to make sure that the skills which are required, are properly given to the industries, according to the needs.

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