Nowadays everyone is running to get the success and to make more money, and they depend on the machine so much, and machines are doing everything these days. As a result, the human labors are decreasing. However, to stay in the competition company needs a huge amount of output and that is why the companies are depending on the machines.

Machines are reliable, but the humans are not. Because if you give a machine a data that how to work, then the machine will work for you in the same way as long as you want and the machine will give you the output at a less time the human labors can give you.


The labours also need some holidays, and at the end of the day they need rest but in the case of the machine there is no holiday, and they do not need any rest. So that means you will get a huge amount of output as you can work for all the time. However, still there are some disadvantages you will find for the industrial automation.


This is the main disadvantage the world is facing right now in automation technology, as the companies are using machines and they are making the system an automate system. As a result, there is no necessity of human labours, and as a result, lots of people are losing their job.

lots of people are losing their job

Less versatility:

If you give a machine a certain input then the machine will obey that instruction, and it will never do any other work because they do not have a brain. But, the human labors can do this type of works.

High initial investment:

The companies have to invest a huge amount of money to make the whole home automation systems initially, then slowly there are very small maintenance charges the companies has to spend.

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