Automation is great. But from time to time, automation is going to take away jobs from many sectors. It is going to be a big blow for software companies and industrial sectors. A detailed study is given here.

Automation is one of the most well-known marvels of technology. Today, a number of tasks are done without any human intervention, and it is only done because of automation. According to a research done by one of the renowned universities in the US, it has been found dead within the next 5 years, the companies will hardly require any manpower for doing the tasks in the factories and industries. It will be a huge blow to the employees working in different sectors of the economy.

Industrial sectors

According to the reports by the university, it has been found that a number of companies had shed their number of employees just because of automation. As far as factories and industries are concerned, nowadays everything can be done with the aid of automation and advanced automation machines and technology. Nowadays most of the tasks, which are done by humans include, maintenance of the automation devices, and doing other small tasks, like checking the outputs, and looking after the automation.

IT sectors

Apart from factories and industrial sectors, the software industry is will also be affected by automation. Nowadays a number of tasks in the IT sectors can be easily done with the help of automation. Thus, in the reports by the University, it is expected that within the next 5 years, IT sectors will no longer be a popular choice for the software geeks.

Other sectors

There is no doubt regarding the fact that automation is one of the best ways, which can do a number of tasks easily. Apart from the 2 sectors, automation has made a number of tasks easy, and thus, it will be the choice of the industrialists in the future.

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