This article is all about the different types of mining machines that are used to perform the excavation of the minerals from deep under. The reasons behind the automation of the process are to resist the involvement of humans due to dangerous conditions. The use of these elements will reduce the health risk factors by different modes of digging.Automatic Control of the Mining Equipment

Mines are the sources of raw minerals to meet our general needs and other essentials. There are many types of equipment to excavate the materials from the mines. Due to the new knowledge, the emergence of automation technology comes to the rescue.

There are different types of mine automate excavate techniques presents in the world, with all the limitations and other possibilities. The systems are controlled or not controlled by the humans because some of the equipment is running on their own. There three types of mine equipment types are down below.

Complete automatic mining

Remote controlled equipment

These are the tools such as bulldozers are controlled from a distant with a remote control. Many evolved techniques that equipped us to make the changes to traditional mechanical ways. The mining gears are provided with many electromechanical elements to develop the vehicle, which can be controlled by a remote controller.

Tele-robotics mechanisms

This segment is for the equipment, which is controlled by a human being by using a controller from a distant region. The uses of several cameras and sensors this controlled robots are being used. The equipment is strictly for the industrial automation systems, though there are certain applications are there for home automation systems as well.

Complete automatic mining

This is the most advanced system in the field of automation as well as in the area of robotics (which is a part of automation as well). These are filled with all types of sensors along with different kinds of cameras for recordings for further observations. These are given a task, and a process and the objects will do as the guidelines. And, all the protocols are as per industrial automation instructions.


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