The new technology includes the use of automation techniques in various types of surveillances. The system with more types will increase the uses of surveillances and placed more systems around you. These are numerous benefits to installing, these may be difficult or easy to install but are there in uses.

Surveillance is nothing but monitoring a place for any unusual things and with the use of automates probability, there are alarms included in them. The new technology consists of several sensors to observe from a distance without the help of any human intersections.

Different types of surveillance systems

  • Computer Surveillance: This is to monitor the Internet data traffic and other database searching techniques.
  • Phone Surveillance: The system of automatic recording of calls.
  • Close-circuit Cameras: These are better known as CCTVs.
  • Social Network Analysis: To monitor the activities on any social media.
  • Data mining: This is a statistical technique to sort the unseen data.
  • Biometrics: These are to determine the interactive human appearances for verifications.
  • RIFD tagging: These are stands for Radio Frequency identification (RIFD).
  • Microchip Implants: These are same as the RIFD, which are placed inside the human body to record the locations.

Benefits of automated surveillance systems

There are many benefits of home surveillance systems with both the industrial automation and home automation systems. The systems are developed to make wireless devices confuse the burglars from entering. To get insurance of property, instant alerts to an owner and the nearby police station for any emergency.

Theory of the use of automated systems

The use of advanced automation in both the home and industrial automation purposes are in extensive use. This regulates the process of surveillances without any stoppages and any other obstacles. Due to the new automation technology, the interference of human is getting minimal and thus with no mistakes the work continues.


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