The new era technology hits the industries, ultimately turning the man driven machines into automatic ones with much efficiency and power. This plan is being implemented by few major large scales industries, and shortly it will be part of every factory.

As time passes machines are converting the world into a better place. Coming back to the industries those earlier days are gone when man mechanical power was used to complete the job, or person uses to drive machines so as to complete work. Presently the machines run machines and guess what they are much efficient, fast and well coordinated.

The second industrial revolution

Yes, automation technology would be a right choice to call it as the second industrial revolution just because the first one was machined were introduced like the steam engines, etc. which made work and transportation easier the second one is machines are so designed that they have turned into automate machines running themselves or automatic.

What happened?

The introduction of industrial automation have left everyone astonished; the results are those huge robotic hands are no need to be driven carefully or private transportation inside the factory is no more an issue.It will only happen if the whole production unit is integrated with the help of a control system which is further aided by some user interface computer or tablets etc.

Pros and cons

There are surely many advantages of automation in industries like increase in productivity, much efficient work, less time, improved consistency, less human labor cost required, etc. The main disadvantage of home automation systems is Unemployment, Security threats or vulnerable to some threat and machines are unpredictable.

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