Rockwell Automation, Inc. acquired MAVERICK Technologies, a systems integrator, on the 4th of October of 2016, in a bid to develop domain understanding and help distribute ground-breaking control & information solutions to clients in industries that include food and beverage, chemical, and gas and oil.

On this acquisition

What this acquisition does is significantly reinforce Rockwell Automation’s proficiency in key procedure and set applications for helping its clients accomplish superior efficiency and enhanced international competitiveness via modern-day procedure control and information supervision solutions.

This acquisition backs up the Rockwell Automation development approach for helping customers add to worldwide competitiveness by the adoption of The Connected Enterprise. This is a vision that hooks up information crosswise the plant ground with the complete enterprise for driving innovative business worth. This is of particular importance in processing patrons whose uptime as well as unremitting performance are vital.

On Rockwell Automation

This incidentally the largest company in the World that is committed to business automation, as well as information and it, tries to make its clients more prolific and the globe more sustainable. Having its Headquarter Milwaukee, Wis., this company appoints roughly 22,000 people for serving clients in over 80 nations.

On MAVERICK Technologies

This company, which came into being in 1999, is the greatest autonomous systems integrator of North America, and it is also an international leader in manufacturing automation, venture integration and tactical production solutions for patrons across an extensive assortment of production and process industries. MAVERICK is situated in Columbia, IL and it has 21 sites in the United States of America along with in excess of 300 engineers and mechanical salespeople. It was in the month of July of 2016 that the company was acknowledged by The Silicon Review periodical as among the “50 finest Corporations to Watch in 2016.”

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